Having completed my PhD in Philosophy, I finally have the time (and the need) to write on a broader range of subjects. If someone really wants to talk about Kripke and the the existence (or not) of meaning, I can. But for the most part, this blog will deal with my more varied ideas.

I’ve worked in a range of academic and administrative roles at The University of Newcastle  (Australia) during my time there as a student. Most of my expertise is in the analytic side of philosophy and the provision of student services – particularly around degree program advice. But I constantly have opinions about politics, advertising, popular culture, the future, technology, and education. Having grown up on a farm, I often have something to say about agriculture and rural life too.

I’m also a passionate reader of science fiction  – to the point of occasional obsession.

In case it isn’t obvious, my opinions do not reflect any official position of my current employer, The University of Newcastle.

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