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Self-explanatory really.

So it begins

So, this is the first post in my new project. This all might start a little slowly. But I only submitted my PhD thesis about two weeks and have not quite recovered. I do want to keep in the habit of writing regularly and (perhaps irrationally) believe that my opinions are worth sharing with other people, so here we are.

Further to what is in my ‘about’ page, I should clarify a few things. My aim on this blog is to put forward well-reasoned and considered opinions and positions on events, comments, actions, ideas, advertisements, books or whatever else strikes me on a given day. Consequently, I will not be breaking any news or rapidly commenting on events as they unfold. As the name suggests, I will try very hard to live by my own advice, which is to stop and think before speaking/tweeting/posting on Facebook/hitting ‘publish’ etc. I am just going to call things as I see them, with an Australian (or even a Newcastle and Central Coast) perspective. Some content may be dangerously nerdy.

I am also not aiming to be super-scholarly here, though I may test ideas here to to see if they are worth pursing.

The blog is still under construction, so things will solidify over the next few weeks.